Ben Cohen Jewelry



My childhood model plane and car building interests were the genesis for my current collection, entitled Kitbash.  Kitbashing is a term used by model makers; it is the practice of taking parts from commercially available model kits and using them to create something entirely different, similar to sampling in the music industry.  The title Kitbash seems appropriate, as I am combining jewelry with model kits. Each piece has been designed to be worn in its original form in the sprue framework, or if the wearer prefers, the piece can be transformed into a more conventional form of jewelry. By breaking out the components, the wearer becomes the maker and partners with the designer. The wearer now plays a significant role in determining how the work is presented and takes ownership of the fabrication process, creating a collaborative and symbiotic relationship between artist and consumer.

video demonstration by Ben cohen

Assembly Demonstration of Kitbash Engagement Ring.